Dr.Neubauer Matador Texa Balsa Ch.Pen

  • Brands Dr.Neubauer
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  • Availability: Out Of Stock
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MATADOR (OFF-) and MATADOR TEXA (OFF) have set a new benchmark in terms of efficacy with pimple-out and Anti-Spin rubbers, they are world-wide best sellers among offensive combination bat players. MATADOR TEXA BALSA comes with the same composition as MATADOR TEXA including synthetic material layers however its balsa core provides a slightly softer touch. This makes it a good alternative for combination bat players seeking high speed, very good efficacy with pips-out and Anti-Spin rubbers and a little less rigid plywood composition with more control. Unlike regular balsa blades, MATADOR TEXA BALSA does not come with the typical balsa feeling on account of the carbon-like material used and hard outer plies, ensuring high speed and very good spin for a modern topspin game.
Number of Layers 9
approximate weight (g) 81
Blade Type OFF+
thickness (mm) 6

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