DHS Hurricane King Ch.Pen

  • Brands DHS
  • Product Code: 5a808dd80a103c72b55a3dec
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 157.51€

At a first glance this is a medium fast light blade with outstanding control. But due to special glue technology which makes the construction of the blade solid and special selection of plywood this unique blade has hidden speed potential which provides players with enormous power for fast attack either close to the table or from the distance. Many times world champion Wang Liqin first time played with Hurricane King blade during world championship in Shanghai 2005. There he became the winner in singles and mixed doubles and took bronze medal in men’s doubles event. The blade is packed in exclusive presentation box.
Number of Layers 5
approximate weight (g) 85
Blade Type OFF+
thickness (mm) 6

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