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Ping Pong table

If for you ping pong is just a leisure activity, just google “table tennis near me” and set off to a sports club. But if your aim is to excel at ping pong and master your skills, you will need your own equipment, including a ping pong table. Such tables are produced in strict accordance with international standards (length 2740 mm, width 1525 mm, height 760 mm), but the materials used in the production differ significantly, which explains different prices for visually similar models.

First Selection Steps

An important criterion in choosing a table tennis table is the thickness of the table surface – the higher this indicator, the higher the table class. For beginners, it is better to choose 19 mm thick surfaces, but tables with a 22-25 mm thick playing surface will be more suitable for advanced players.

The most popular manufacturers of amateur ping pong tables are DONIC, Stiga, Sponeta and Joola – all brands

make quality products and are a good value for money. However, they are not identical and before you place your order, it’s worth taking into account these slight differences:


·       Sponeta, Joola offers 15mm, 18mm, or 25mm thick tabletops; this product range is more suitable for advanced and semi-professional players;

·       Stiga, Donic ping pong table are slightly heavier and has a slightly smoother playing surface;

·       Joola, Sponeta ping pong tables are a bit cheaper.


In other terms, all brands are practically indistinguishable. Let’s now take a look at other important factors that affect your choice!

Table tennis tables for outdoor games

If you plan to place a ping pong table in a summer house or a backyard garden, and there is no space for storage at home, choose a special all-season table. It must be resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and ultraviolet radiation. These specifications will definitely be mentioned in the technical description of the model. We advise against buying a non-all-season table for outdoor use – chances are, it will not survive harsh weather conditions.


Indoor table tennis tables

If you want to play indoors, choose a table tennis table made of MDF materials. In favourable weather conditions, such tables are also suitable for outdoor use – so if you want to play both at home and in your backyard garden, choose a folding table and pay particular attention to its weight. The majority of ping pong tables are produced for indoor use, so it won’t be a problem finding a model that suits your needs perfectly.

Table + Net + Cover

A table tennis table is usually sold without a net and a cover. The net is a must-have for the game, but you shouldn’t forget about a table cover as well – it ensures perfect protection from dust, dirt, moisture, sun, and other adverse conditions.


In the Pingpongshop.eu online store you can buy ping pong tables for outdoor and indoor games, as well as all the necessary equipment. Choose quality ping pong products in one place and enjoy a table tennis game with professional-level equipment!