Yasaka Balls 3*** 38mm 3pcs Orange

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The Yasaka Balls 3* 38mm** are a nostalgic throwback to the golden era of table tennis. Once used in official competitions back in 2001, these celluloid balls evoke memories of legends like Jean-Philippe Gatien. Let’s explore their unique features:

  1. Nostalgic Appeal:

    • The Yasaka 38mm balls resonate with both the older generation, who fondly remember their heyday, and the curious younger players.
    • Although they carry a slight green tint due to their advanced age, they remain in perfect condition.
  2. Performance Characteristics:

    • Not ITTF Approved: These balls are no longer ITTF approved, but their historical significance makes them a collector’s item.
    • Celluloid Construction: Crafted from celluloid, they offer a classic feel and bounce.
    • Limited Availability: Since they’re no longer in production, owning a set is a rare privilege.
  3. Comparison with Similar Brands:

    • Butterfly Balls: While the Yasaka 38mm balls share similarities with Butterfly balls, their unique green hue sets them apart.
    • Collectible Value: Unlike modern balls, these Yasaka balls hold sentimental value for enthusiasts.
  4. Find the Yasaka Balls 3* 38mm 3pcs Orange at www.pingpongshop.eu.

Embrace the nostalgia and add a touch of history to your table tennis collection! 

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Yasaka Balls 3*** 38mm 3pcs Orange