Donic Acuda S2

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  • Donic Acuda S2 is a fast rubber with a medium-hard sponge that produces fast speeds and has a uniquely loud sound.
  • It is well-suited for both close-to-the-table and away-from-the-table play and is particularly well-suited to controlled spin players.
  • The rubber is dynamic, incredibly accurate, very spinny, and has a satisfying feel.


  • The rubber is very fast with outstanding spin qualities and is suitable for playing “loop-loop” as in the days of speed glued rubbers.
  • Despite its medium-hard sponge, Donic Acuda S2 is easily controllable and has excellent ball control.
  • The rubber is ideal for aggressive, first-ball attack players who play close to the table.

Comparison with Similar Brands

  • Compared to other rubbers in the Donic Acuda series, Donic Acuda S2 has a slightly more forgiving sponge that allows the ball to sink in more and brings marginally more focus on spin production while still maintaining high speed and accuracy.
  • Compared to Butterfly rubber series, Donic Acuda S2 is faster and has more spin than Bryce and Andro Rocket Medium.
  • Donic Acuda S2 is almost the same weight as Baracuda and has a medium to medium-low throw angle.


  • Donic Acuda S2 does not require boosting.
  • However, if you want to boost the rubber, you can use a water-based booster such as Falco Long Booster or Haifu Seamoon Booster.
  • To apply the booster, you can follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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Donic Acuda S2