Double Fish Polestar P 38'

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  1. The Double Fish Polestar-P is a high-quality table tennis rubber designed for professional players. It offers a balanced combination of spin, control, and durability. Let’s dive deeper into its features:

  2. Key Features:

    • Inverted Rubber Type: The Polestar-P features an inverted rubber surface, which provides excellent grip on the ball.
    • Strong Stickiness: The rubber is highly adhesive, allowing for better ball control during play.
    • High Speed: With noticeable speed, it outperforms many European hybrid rubbers.
    • Explosive Power: The rubber exhibits a significant catapult effect, appreciated by advanced and professional players.
    • Stability and Control: It offers stability, especially during blocking and topspin shots.
  3. Comparison with Similar Brands:

    • When compared to other brands, the Double Fish Polestar-P stands out due to its balanced performance. It combines the best of spin, control, and durability.
    • Unlike some other rubbers, the Polestar-P maintains stability even during intense rallies.
  4. Comparison with Butterfly Rubber Series:

    • The Butterfly rubber series is renowned for its quality, but the Polestar-P holds its ground.
    • While Butterfly rubbers may excel in specific areas, the Polestar-P offers a well-rounded performance package.
  5. Boosting:

    • Boosting refers to enhancing the rubber’s performance using speed glue or other boosters.
    • The Double Fish Polestar-P doesn’t necessarily require boosting, as it already provides good speed and spin.
    • However, if you choose to boost it, consider using a reliable booster that complements its characteristics.
  6. Where to Find the Product: You can purchase the Double Fish Polestar P 38’ at Ping Pong Shop. Simply search for the exact name:

Remember, the Double Fish Polestar-P is a versatile choice for serious players seeking a well-balanced rubber.

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Double Fish Polestar P 38'