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The Neottec Amagi Carbon is another blade from the very successful Amagi family. It was created with precision and feeling for the offensive spin game in mind. It’s a medium weight, around 80g, quite thin, 5,5 mm, carbon blade with slight, pleasant vibration, which means plenty of control when taking a variety of shots, such as top-spins, blocks, chops and smashes. It’s a good choice for the adherents of smart, top-spin based attacking play close to the table and from middle distance.The combination of hinoki wood (Japanese cypress) in the outer layers and the handle made of solid American red cypress, ensures excellent conductivity of the impulses to the hand during the interaction of the ball with the racket and provides an exclusive appearance of Amagi.
Number of Layers 3+2
approximate weight (g) 80
Blade Type OFF
thickness (mm) 5.6

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