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  1. The Nittaku Actec is a high-quality table tennis blade designed for offensive play. Crafted with precision, it offers excellent performance and control. Let’s delve into the details:

  2. Key Features:

    • Number of Layers: The Nittaku Actec blade consists of 3+2 layers.
    • Approximate Weight: It weighs approximately 85 grams.
    • Blade Type: Classified as an OFF (Offensive) blade.
    • Thickness: The blade has a thickness of 6.4 mm.
  3. Benefits of the Nittaku Actec Blade:

    • Powerful Offense: The Actec blade provides exceptional power for offensive shots. Its construction allows players to generate strong topspin and drive shots effectively.
    • Controlled Touch: Despite its offensive nature, the blade maintains good control. Players can execute precise placement and touch shots.
    • Chinese Penhold Handle: The Actec features a Chinese penhold handle, catering to penhold grip players who prefer a specific handle design.
  4. Comparison with Similar Models:

    • Compared to Other Nittaku Blades: The Actec strikes a balance between speed and control. It offers more power than the Nittaku Latika blade but is slightly less aggressive than the Nittaku Violin.
    • Against Competing Brands: When compared to similar blades from other brands, the Actec stands out due to its unique combination of power and control. It competes favorably with blades like the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC and Stiga Offensive Classic.
  5. Where to Find the Nittaku Actec: You can purchase the Nittaku Actec blade at Simply search for “Nittaku Actec” on their website to explore this exceptional blade.

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Nittaku Actec