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## Victas Benedikt Duda AFC: Precision and Power Combined

### Unleash Your Potential
The Victas Benedikt Duda AFC blade is engineered to deliver exceptional precision and power on the table. Designed in collaboration with professional player Benedikt Duda, this blade offers a perfect balance of control and speed, allowing you to execute your shots with confidence.

### Superior Performance and Feel
Crafted from high-quality wood and composite materials, the AFC blade provides excellent feedback and feel for your shots. Its unique construction enhances dwell time, giving you better ball control and spin generation, whether you're playing close to the table or from mid-distance.

### Benefits Over Competing Models
Compared to similar models from brands like Butterfly and Stiga, the Victas Benedikt Duda AFC blade offers a remarkable blend of speed and control. While Butterfly blades are known for their premium feel, the AFC blade matches their performance at a more affordable price point. Similarly, the AFC blade surpasses many Stiga models in terms of versatility and spin potential.

### Technical Specifications:
- **Number of Layers:** 5 wood + 2 Arylate Carbon layers
- **Approximate Weight:** 85-90 grams
- **Blade Type:** Offensive+
- **Thickness:** 5.9 - 6.1 mm

### Perfect for Attacking Players
Whether you're a power attacker or a versatile player who mixes offense with defense, the Victas Benedikt Duda AFC blade is a versatile choice. Its offensive characteristics make it ideal for aggressive topspin play close to the table, while still providing enough control for defensive shots when needed.

### Premium Quality Construction
The AFC blade is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Its premium materials and expert construction ensure durability and consistency in your game, match after match.

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Victas Benedikt Duda AFC